Like living organisms, your virtual family is able to grow, age, and eventually, die. This is the last stage of a little person's life after adult, after which point they will not grow any more.


Your little family will be aging a year every two hours (real time). They normally will die in their 60's, occasionally in their late 50's. That means you could be starting a new generation every 3 or 4 days, unless you adjust the time of your device, aging them rapidly. As soon as one of the adults die, you are allowed to start a new generation from the family screen. If you don't have any children in the first game, it will end. However in the second game you can adopt a new little person to add to the family tree. It is unknown what happens in the third game, as it hasn't been released.

Possible Causes of Death:

  • Starvation from lack of food in the fridge, but this is rare.
  • Extreme weakness, caused by ongoing medical illness and poor treatment of their diseases, such as not curing a serious infection
  • Old age (usually late 50s to 60s, but there are very rare cases where a parent can live to 70, if any at all)
  • Lack of energy, if not put to bed in time.
  • Also they occasionally die if you overwork them (if you make them work on career too often)

After death

When your family members die they die on their bed. If caught on time, their action will say 'Lying in Repose'. Deselecting them will not allow you to select them again. A transparent version of them, likely their ghost/spirit, will wave and slowly vanish. After a few seconds, the body will vanish and the message will announce the death of your character. You have the option of starting another generation or waiting for the others to die. The members that see the death of the character will be depressed. You can get them Psychotherapy or give them lots of candy. Other methods include renovating the house or getting food. If you check the dead's picture in the family tree, their picture will also be transparent. Also... here’s a trivia!


  • Adults are not the only ones to die: Children CAN die as well, but this is rare. Even babies can die, if a nursing mother dies.