The Demon Child is a supposed rumor in Virtual Families 2.


Several people in Game FAQ's would say if the demon child exists, or that they had one. Supposedly they are created if a sibling is jealous of a new baby. The cycle makes them badly-behaved and disliking little sisters or brothers. Eventually their eyes turn red, lips turn black and their hair turns black and they start doing strange actions. Parents will be worried about children during this time, and the demon child/children will tell everyone to go to bed. Once the parents are asleep, the kids are seen sharpening knives. Then, they ultimately kill their entire family, and supposedly, they die too.

Despite these claims, it is only a rumor (so far). However, if this does occur, you must send the child to boarding school or trap them in a room until they die.


  • One rumored event may have led to the creation of the demon child, where a devilish girl will come over and ask if she can sleep over.
  • There is an event in which someone invites your child to stay with them after school, this may have some relevance to the Demon Child's antics.
  • May form if an 18 year old girl and another 18 year old girl are dropped on each other.